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Dental Floss, A Gum Saving Tool

There are two main types of dental floss available. There is thin nylon filaments which are considered regular floss and then there is plastic ribbon or taped floss. Tape floss can be gentler on the gums. Both types are used to remove food and dental plaque from your teeth. This is achieved by putting the floss between your teeth and scraping it back and forth along the gums and teeth.

Is Laser Teeth Whitening the Answer?

There are many people that have had problems with stained teeth over the years, and there are many remedies that are now available on the market to help people deal with those stained tooth problems. One of the most recent advances to come out in cosmetic dentistry is the concept of laser teeth whitening. In this procedure, the power of the laser is utilized in an attempt to chip away the layer of stained material from the tooth and expose the layer of white tooth underneath it. The basic premise of the overall surgery is that you can get rid of the stain without worrying about chipping the tooth irreparably and since it has been a fairly successful procedure ever since its introduction into the cosmetic dentistry market, people have been taking a closer look at it as an option. However, laser teeth whitening is not always going to be the answer for a couple of very important reasons.


Dentistry in Thornhill   is situated in the heart of Thornhill.  Dr. Debra Bachus sees a diverse group of patients daily.  This gives Dentistry in Thornhill  a unique perspective on the needs of the community.
Oral cancer, dental caries, periodontal conditions along with a great assortment of dental conditions are routinely  viewed and assessed.  Experience and knowledge helps provide understanding of all oral  health issues. 
The office is open to anyone wanting to have a complimentary consultation. Call anytime and we will be most pleased to help you. 905.731.4611


Hormones change during pregnancy which may cause the gums to bleed.  By keeping the bacteria down, more serious conditions can be avoided.
There should be no problem with treatment during pregnancy and  it is of utmost importance to visit us for  your regularly scheduled recare maintenance appointments. The philosophy at the office of Dr. Debra Bachus,  is to avoid x-rays if possible during pregnancy.
There is no evidence that pregnancy damages teeth.


The best dentist for you is someone who keeps modern and up to date with dental procedures.  However, that is not an exclusive quality.  Some of the old techniques are better than the newer ones.  Speak to Dr. Bachus or anyone in our dental health team.   Find out what we, your best dental office,  can do for you.
Remember, everyone is unique and there are traditional dental techniques or ultramodern dental techniques. Find out which is better for YOU.Get a consultation before any treatment.  Get to know us. We encourage you to ask questions. 


Who is the best dentist?  Where can that person be found?
The best dentist in Thornhill is the person who treats the patients with respect.  Dr.Debra Bachus understands the patient’s needs and concerns.  EVERYONE is unique.  Whether someone is searching for a dentist in the Thornhill area, Toronto or any where in the GTA, they have to find a dental professional who can relate to their concerns.
The best dentist is found in the office that you feel comfortable in.


Spring is really here!.  After this long, cold  winter, it is finally  time to get outside.  It is a great time to start feeling better about yourself and keeping your teeth and mouth healthy is a perfect way to start.
Many studies have shown that a healthy, bright aesthetic smile goes a long way for your self worth.  Dr. Bachus and her oral health team sees  many people looking to improve their smiles, especially  at this time of year.



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