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Digital X-Ray 90% less radiation from x-rays starting Jan 2014

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X-rays have been a key diagnostic tool in dentistry for decades. They let us see cavities and damage to your teeth that would be difficult, if not impossible, to spot with a visual inspection alone. Now, thanks to the Digital X-ray system, it is faster, safer, and more effective than ever before!

Unlike the old fashioned film based X-rays, the Digital X-ray system allows us to take advantage of the benefits of digital photography! These benefits include being able to look at the picture on a computer screen in a matter of seconds, and manipulate and enlarge that picture for a better view of the inside of your mouth. This results in a faster and more accurate diagnosis. Plus, since the X-ray pictures will be easy to see on the computer screen, you’ll know more about the condition of your teeth and be able to make a more informed decision about the dental work you need!

Digital X-ray system has advantages that go beyond speed and ease of diagnosis. They’re also better for you and the environment! Old fashioned film X-rays would require exposing you to twice the radiation of digital X-rays! Why be exposed to more radiation than necessary? Also, the fact that the Digital X-ray system dispenses with the need for toxic photo development chemicals makes it better for the rest of the environment!

90% less radiation from x-rays starting Jan 2014


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