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Sprouting new teeth through delicate little gums  is hard work, and can leave your baby irritable, feverish and difficulty with sleeping. There are   natural ways of soothing the screams and the pain that accompany teething. While each baby is different and will respond to each solution with varying
degrees of relief, here are some of the ways that you might be able to help  the pain of cutting teeth without reaching for medication.

Keep Gums Cool – One of the most cost-effective methods  of relieving  teething symptoms is to wring a wet washcloth out very well, leaving it only damp,
then place it in the freezer. Letting Baby chew on the frozen (or very chilled) cloth not only helps to reduce swelling, pain and inflammation, it also
satisfies their  need to chew, in order to speed the process of the teeth surfacing. Be careful that you supervise her at all times to prevent any chance of choking, 

Rub The  Gums – The first-ever teething aid was Mom’s finger, and that can be used in a pinch  to massage a teething baby’s sensitive, inflamed gums. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with fragrance free soap and water. 

Clove Oil – Many moms rave about the soothing power of clove oil for teething gums, but it’s important to remember that, in its pure form, clove oil
is very strong and can increase baby’s discomfort. The oil should be diluted, and speak with Dr. Bachus first to find out what is best to use. 

Teething Biscuits – Traditional teething biscuits tend to be laden with sugars and preservatives that you probably don’t want your little one ingesting, but
there are a wide variety of low sugar or sugar-free, organic biscuits  on the market as well.

The best idea is to speak with Dr. Bachus if you’re having an issue with baby teething, and she will be more than happy to give suggestions.  905.731.4611


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