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The first signs of fall/winter is always an additional  cue to make a dental appointment. You may be unaware of the fact that  dental benefits have seasons too.  More than 95% of plans are based on a calendar year.  If you don’t use the benefits that you are entitled to, you lose them as of Dec 31st.  Those benefits are NOT carried forward into the next year, so  if you’ve been thinking about having some dental treatment, NOW is the time to schedule an appointment.  Treatment may take weeks to complete once the various options are sorted out.  That’s why it is  important to come in for your recare visit, to get things on the go as soon as possible, before your current year dental benefit expires.    If you need help in understanding your benefit, we’d be happy to help.   Call us anytime. 905.731.4611. We're always here for you. 


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