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Dental emergencies  are not life threatening and  do not pose a long term risk if treated promptly,  However, at the time they can be devastating. Modern dentistry can fix the problem quickly and easily.  Whether it is a discomfort or an aesthetic issue, it can be fixed.
If you have a dental emergency or any dental issue that you want addressed,  just contact Dentistry in Thornhill  and ask us how.   You will be surprised how easy and comfortable dental are can be.
Dental emergencies are due to a number of factors.  Trauma, accidents, disease, aesthetic concerns and most often neglect are some of the causes of dental emergencies.  However, Dr. Bachus  understands that people don’t want issues with their teeth or any other part of the body.
 Whether you are already one of our  valued patients or just have a dental emergency, we feel it is important to provide emergency and comprehensive care to help you.  Don’t hesitate to call for any assistance. 905.731.4611.


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