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Dental Procedures

Extract a Tooth, Yay or Nay?

Teeth that are extensively decayed and missing natural tooth structure are often slotted for extraction.  Tooth decay extending into the gums or tooth nerve and large missing chipped tooth fragments are issues that need to be discussed with the dentist. I’ve even seen healthy teeth crack right down the middle. Not all teeth are financially worth saving now with the advancement of dental implants done in our office. Sometimes an implant may be the less expensive alternative to take.

Importance of Regular Visits to the Dentist

Regular dental visits vary from visits every three months to once a year depending on your oral health status. Many individuals only visit the dentist when they experience a problem that is causing them discomfort or is troublesome, but it should be considered that many of these problems could be prevented if the problem was detected at an earlier stage.


Spring is really here!.  After this long, cold  winter, it is finally  time to get outside.  It is a great time to start feeling better about yourself and keeping your teeth and mouth healthy is a perfect way to start.
Many studies have shown that a healthy, bright aesthetic smile goes a long way for your self worth.  Dr. Bachus and her oral health team sees  many people looking to improve their smiles, especially  at this time of year.


As we are gripped in the midst of a cold winter, we all realize that spring is just around the corner.  Having a confident, attractive and functional smile is important.  If you are missing teeth and feel self conscious about your smile, it would be wise to  consider one of the many methods of improving your oral health and aesthetics.
Full and  partial dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth.  They help  with all aspects of your smile and function. However, taking the dentures in and out can be tedious and difficult and sometimes embarrassing. 


Dental emergencies  are not life threatening and  do not pose a long term risk if treated promptly,  However, at the time they can be devastating. Modern dentistry can fix the problem quickly and easily.  Whether it is a discomfort or an aesthetic issue, it can be fixed.
If you have a dental emergency or any dental issue that you want addressed,  just contact Dentistry in Thornhill  and ask us how.   You will be surprised how easy and comfortable dental are can be.


Sleep Apnea is quite common, it affects millions, and is potentially life threatening, being associated with higher risks of strokes and heart attacks! While you sleep, an apnea occurs when breathing stops for ten seconds or more, placing significant strain on your cardiovascular system and heart. These disturbances during sleep prevent air from reaching your lungs!


One of the best treatment options  today for replacing missing teeth (or a single tooth) is implants.  They are safe, convenient, affordable, comfortable and aesthetic.  That is not to say that the standard bridge, denture, partial denture or other tried and true  prosthesis is not recommended.
Implants are just another restoration option. At Dentistry in Thornhill, Dr Debra Bachus and the dental success team, believe in providing the best solution for your individual needs.


Today, with  concern about the spread of contagious disease, we want you to know that patient protection is one of our  top priorities in our office. We are doing everything within our capabilities to assure the sterility and safety of our working environment. By following the Canadian Dental Association sterilization guidelines, as well as continually reviewing updates on infection control materials and techniques, we are optimizing our ability to achieve this in our office. Our commitment is to provide you the highest standards that we expect  for our own families and ourselves.


Have you ever gone out and been introduced to someone only to see that  the person’s smile is missing a tooth or has an unattractive smile?  Your first impression of that new person might be  negative.
According to a recent study, one’s smile is the first thing that attracts people to one another.  Also, a large percentage  of men and women refuse to have their picture taken because they are self conscious about their smile.


Are you stressed?
You may be taking it out on your teeth and oral tissue.
If you clench or grind your teeth, then you fit the classification of being a bruxer.  It is typically caused by bite problems, stress, medical conditions and certain medications. 


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