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Preventative Dental Care


Hormones change during pregnancy which may cause the gums to bleed.  By keeping the bacteria down, more serious conditions can be avoided.
There should be no problem with treatment during pregnancy and  it is of utmost importance to visit us for  your regularly scheduled recare maintenance appointments. The philosophy at the office of Dr. Debra Bachus,  is to avoid x-rays if possible during pregnancy.
There is no evidence that pregnancy damages teeth.


Winter is here and our regular patients who follow our recommendations will be comfortable.  However, this is the season when we see new patients who feel sensitivity when they breathe in the cold air.   This sensitivity can be the  first signs of decay.
The overwhelming philosophy of dentistry is PREVENTION.  However, experience and reality tell us that people get decay and periodontal disease.  They may also need a myriad of other dental treatments to bring them to health.


The first signs of fall/winter is always an additional  cue to make a dental appointment. You may be unaware of the fact that  dental benefits have seasons too.  More than 95% of plans are based on a calendar year.  If you don’t use the benefits that you are entitled to, you lose them as of Dec 31st.  Those benefits are NOT carried forward into the next year, so  if you’ve been thinking about having some dental treatment, NOW is the time to schedule an appointment.  Treatment may take weeks to complete once the various options are sorted out.


Every hour of every day somebody dies of oral cancer. This serious dental disease, which affects the mouth, lips or throat, is often highly curable if diagnosed and treated in its early stages. When you come for your regular recare maintenance visit to Dentistry in Thornhill, you’ll be checked for oral cancer. Symptoms of oral cancer include: sores on the face, neck or mouth that do not heal within a couple of weeks; swelling, lumps or bumps on the lips and gums or tongue; numbness or loss of feeling or general pain in any area of the face, mouth or neck.


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