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Why Choose Us?

As your personal dentist, my hygienists and dental assistant, supported by our practice manager and receptionists, work together to deliver the highest standards of dentistry and exceptional customer care. We strive to provide the service and care you expect from a  neighborhood dental office.  

Quality Service
We aim to combine state-of-the-art dental technologies with exceptional personal service.  We focus on meticulous diagnostic evaluation with open communication and information to give  thorough preventive or needed corrective care strategies. Communication with dental models, flipcharts and the help of your intra oral pictures are  valuable tools used. Various treatment options are considered before selecting the best treatment based on your needs.

Dr. Bachus' style is interactive giving you the knowledge to feel that your  treatment plan is right for you. 

"At Dentistry In Thornhill, you can have complete confidence
that you will receive professional high quality
dental care for competitive terms."

Preventive Care
Brushing, flossing, protecting, eating right and regular check ups are the basics of preventive care.  Comprehensive preventive dental care is more cost effective in the long-term and helps you maintain optimal oral health.  At Dentistry in Thornhill we provide you with the information, advice and care to empower you to maintain optimal oral health. 

A Relaxing Environment
We will make you feel welcomed and relaxed in our office.  We work hard to create and maintain strong relationships with our patients.  You can rest assured that your utmost comfort is always on our minds.

Dental Expertise
Dr. Debra Bachus DDS with over 20 years of experience has extensive expertise and experience in many areas of general and aesthetic-oriented dentistry. She uses bonding, tooth movement, implants, replacement teeth, laser tissue therapy and preventative care to give and keep the smile you desire.  


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